Trading precious metals has become very popular recently. Precious metals offer a number of advantages. One of them is stability. The prices of financial instruments are highly sensitive to economic and political events, and are therefore inherently volatile. This kind of uncertainty has always prompted traders to gravitate towards more stable assets. Gold and silver are some of the assets that offer the stability that traders seek. Regardless of the prevailing market environment, these two precious metals can always be traded. They also offer protection against inflation. Gold is considered to be especially desirable, as it has traditionally been used as a store of value by investors. The platform provided by MedFX offers gold and silver for trading

Precious Metals - Lot Size

MedFX can only offer the standard size, as access to interbank liquidity is provided through the STP method

Precious Metals - Margin

Margin gives traders all the advantages of trading precious metals. By increasing your purchasing power a hundredfold, you can trade alongside large institutions even if.